Wednesday, November 29, 2017

“Shine” Altered Spool and Paper Doll

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Today, I'm sharing an Altered Spool created with Castle scene and a Paper doll from Rita's book, "Magical Theatre." The castle scene located on page 41 of the book. The Magical Theatre book is super fun to create with and the scenes lend themselves to so much creativity. Take a look at how I transformed a ribbon spool into a fun play yard for my little paper doll.  

I began this project by printing and coloring the Castle scene on white cardstock. I used an Aqua Painter, Ann Butler ColorBox inks: Desert Sand, Limelight and Canyon and Colorique by Lisa Jimenez ink: Frisco Bay. I directly applied an Aqua Painter to Ann Butler's ink and dropped ink spots of Lisa Jimenez loose ink onto a craft sheet to color the printed scene.

Next, I continued coloring and blending the inks until I was happy with the end result. I then set the scene aside to dry.

I then printed a paper doll and clothes onto white cardstock from Rita's book, "Magical Theatre," and colored them using Ann Butler ColorBox inks and the Colorique inks by Lisa Marie Jimenez. I set them aside to dry.

After I was happy with the colored scene, I measured my ribbon spool and cut a strip of the scene that would fit the spool.

Next, I reinforced the edges of the scene with eyelets and leftover strips that I cut away from the full printed cardstock that I colored.

Next, I attached the printed colored scene to the ribbon spool with coordinating dyed ribbon. I also attached a metal pull.

After my paper doll and clothes dried, I cut them out and adhered the pieces together.

Next, I applied some more loose Colorique ink to a craft sheet and painted some coordinating metals with the ink using an Aqua Painter. I heat set the metals to dry them quickly.

Lastly, I added a metal colored butterfly, flowers, dyed ribbon and a wooden word to the top of the spool. I continued to accent the paper doll and printed scene until I was happy with the final result. I also added a colored metal charm, bling and more dyed ribbon to the paper doll. I absolutely enjoyed coordinating the scenes and paper doll from Magical Theatre by Rita with  Ann Butler ColorBox inks and the Colorique inks by Lisa Marie Jimenez to create this fun altered project.

Rita's book and the ColorBox inks can be found using the links throughout the tutorial and using the links below.

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