Tuesday, March 15, 2016

DIY Celebration Gift Box using Chibitronics & Xyron

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Today, I'm sharing a neat Celebration Gift Box created with Chibitronics and Xyron. I love these products together. Adding lights to projects, make them so much more fun to create and share. I'm including an easy tutorial below.

Chibitronics Circuit Kit
Xyron Adhesive: The New Creative Station, 1' Sticker Maker, Clear Hold Adhesive
Metal Cap with hole in center
Glass Beads
Paper Straws
Foam Brush
Mini Stapler
Hot Glue
Mounting Tape


Step 1: Apply gesso to top and bottom DCWV Mailer Box. Let dry.

Step 2: Run patterned paper from Confetti Stack through the Xyron New Creative Station and adhere to box top, securing inside of the cover.

Step 3. Sand the pattered paper with a sanding bar and adhere strips of coordinated patterned paper to the box top as shown above.

Step 4: Run worded patterned strips and half circles through Xyron sticker maker and apply to box top.
Step 5: Add bows to the box top.

Step 6: Create circuit using the Chibitronics Circuit Kit. Set aside.

 Step 7: Remove the center of the artificial flower and staple layers together with mini stapler.

 Step 8: Apply gesso to the artificial flower and metal cap. Let dry.

Step 9: Using hot glue, adhere metal cap to flower. Pour Clear Hold Adhesive into metal cap and then pour glass beads into the metal cap. Add a toothpick to the center of the metal cap to keep the center hole clear of adhesive. Note: As the adhesive dries, continue to move the toothpick around to ensure that is doesn't dry in place. The toothpick is only used to keep the path clear. Remove toothpick after the beads set.

Step 10: Adhere Chibitronics circuit created in step 6 to the flower with mounting tape and then to the box. Continue embellishing as desired.

DIY Celebration Gift Box by Karen Jiles Supplies Circuit Kit: Chibitronics; Patterned Paper: DCWV; Metal Cap: Advantus; Adhesive: Xyron; Other: Flower, Glass Beads, Ribbon, Straws

This project was super fun and easy to create. To see more fun projects using Chibitronics, head on over to the Chibitronics Blog for more inspiration from their own design team. They are blog hopping all week.

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Bajalizzy said...

I like the chibitronics with the glass beads - cute box!

Brenny said...

VERY pretty!!!