Friday, January 29, 2016

Vintage Magnets using Xyron

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Today, I am sharing some cute little magnets that I created with Xyron Creative Stations, Laminate/Magnet cartridge,  and coasters. I love how these turned out. They are perfect mini pieces of Art that serve as sweet magnets. I'm including an easy and fun tutorial below.

DCWV: Vintage Collectors Collection
4 x 4 Coasters (3)
Sanding Bar
Xyron: New Creative Station, 5" Creative Station, Laminate/Magnet Cartridge
3D Tape
Cropadile Chomper

 Step 1: Run patterned papers through the 5" Creative Station, adhere to coaster and sand the coaster.

Step 2: Using a craft knife, separate 1/2 of the coaster, creating 2 coaster bases. Note: You should have a patterned paper layer with a chipboard base from the coaster and the remaining raw base of the coaster. Set the raw base to the side for a future project.

Step 3: Repeat steps 1 and 2 to prep the second coaster.

Step 4: Repeat steps 1 and 2 to prep the third coaster.

Step 5: Insert Laminate/Magnet Cartridge into the New Creative Station.

 Step 6: Apply laminate and magnet layers by running the coasters through the New Creative Station.
 Step 7: Trim excess magnet using a trimmer.

Step 8: Apply laminate and magnet layers to additional coaster by running the coasters through the New Creative Station. Note: I added a single photo to make use of the additional magnet. This is an easy and fun way to use excess magnet and create additional magnets at the same time.

Step 9: Embellish the magnets as desired.  I added a photo and stickers as a fun elements. Note: The frame was added with 3D tape on the sides and bottom to enable changing the photo as desired.

Vintage Magnets by Karen Jiles Supplies Patterned Paper, Stickers: DCWV;  Adhesive, Magnet: Xyron

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