Monday, June 29, 2015

Xyron and Simple Stories Summer Vibes Album Tutorial

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Xyron has partnered with Simple Stories this month to show and share how well the products of both companies compliment each other. I received a beautiful Simple Stories paper collection to play with called, Summer Vibes.  The patterns within the collection are so yummy and fun to create with.  Today, I am sharing a sweet little mini album I created using the collection. I love how this album came together. It’s absolutely perfect for this summer.
Take a peek at my tutorial below.

Simple Stories: Summer Vibes Collection
Xyron: New Creative Station, 3” Sticker Maker
Corrugated Board (4): 6 x 6
Foam Brush
Cinch/Binding Tool & Coils
Distressing Tool
3D Tape
Binding clip



Step 1: Distress 2 pieces of corrugated board and apply gesso using foam brush. Let dry.

Step 2: Trim patterned paper to 4 ½ x 6 and 4 x 6, distress with distressing tool and run through the New Creative Station.

Step 3: Adhere the layers together and then adhere to 1 gesso’d corrugated board. Note: This will create the front cover.

Step 4: Trim patterned papers to 6 X 6 and run through the New Creative Station and adhere to back of front cover.  Repeat step for back cover.

Step 5: Decide which papers and mats to add to additional pages of the mini album to create the base of the album. Trim papers down to 6 X 6 and distress all patterned papers using a distressing tool.

Step 6: Using a binding tool, punch holes in pages and use coils to bind the album. Note: I added mats, additional corrugated board, and printed transparencies as pages to give this mini more fun and textural elements. For insert that are odd sized, use a binding to clip to keep them straight as you punch holes.

Step 7: Using the 3” Sticker Maker, apply adhesive to smaller Summer Vibes die cuts and adhere to front cover.

Step 8: Run Summer Vibes die cuts through the New Creative Station and adhere to the front cover.

Step 9: Continue building the front cover with stickers from the collection. Note: I used 3D tape to pop up some elements of the cover. Add patterned papers and stickers throughout the mini album.

Step 10:  Add ribbons and charms to the coils. Continue embellishing the album as desired.

 The following are pics of a few of the pages:

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Bajalizzy said...

love the ribbon choices tied to the coil and ... pretty much everything about this summer album you made - super cute. I like all your projects. I may need to get one of those binding tools.

Karen Jiles said...

Thanks so much!!

Julie A. Shearer said...

Oh my, your album is so cute!! So adorable! Thanks for sharing.

Joan said...

Awesome project. Thanks for sharing and the tutorial.

Jo Murray said...

I've always wanted to make a waterfall album, but hadn't a clue how to. Thanks so much.