Thursday, May 14, 2015

Card Tutorial Using the New Xyron Creative Station

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Have you heard the news?? Xyron will be releasing a new Xyron Creative Station that accommodates both 5" and 9" cartridges. Sounds great, doesn't it! It will be a fabulous addition to the Xyron Creative Station line.

The new Creative Station is sleek in appearance and can be conveniently stored for future use. It accommodates various materials with thicknesses up to 1/8 of an inch. As with other Xyron Creative Stations, the cartridges are available in different applications: Permanent Adhesive, Repositionable Adhesive, Laminate/Magnet, Double Sided Laminate, and Laminate/Permanent Adhesive. I’m including some pics of the machine below as well as a card tutorial using the Creative Station.

Card Tutorial



Xyron Creative Station
DCWV Premium Papers: 1st Layer (4 x 5 1/4) 2nd Layer (3/3/4 x 5)
Cardstock Base (4 1/4 x 5 1/2)
Resin Frame
Hot Glue
 Step 1: Pull down Feed Tray on Creative Station.
 Step 2: Place premium paper layers on Feed Tray.
Step 3: Turn handle to advance premium paper layers through the Creative Station. After completely advancing through the Creative Station, press down and slide the cut blade across the cut bar.
 Step 4: Rub edges and remove film from adhesive paper.

Step 5: Layer the premium papers together and adhere to card base.
Step 6: Add cheesecloth to card.
 Step 6: Adhere flowers to card using hot glue.
Step 7: Add Resin frame and sentiment. Continue embellishing as desired.
Step 8: Close feed tray.
Step 7: Pick up Creative Station with carry handle and conveniently store machine away.

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Dorina D said...

Beautiful card and a fun tutorial. Love the new Xyron Creative station. top of my wish list, now

Karen Jiles said...

Thanks, Dorina!! The New Creative Station is really a great machine.