Monday, June 9, 2014

"Happy Summer" Canvas

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Creating summer layouts/canvases are so much fun.  In this canvas, I wanted to show the fun my girls had on this beautiful sunny day.  I  tried to capture all of the giggles, laughs, and fun moments...It definitely was a Happy Summer Day. Enjoy the tutorial below.

Mater Mister
Baby wipe
White Paint
Xyron 1.5 Sticker Maker
Xyron 5” Creative Station
Xyron 3/8 Adhesive Dots


Step 1: Apply gelatos to gesso'd canvas.  


Step 2: Create some fun drippage with various gelatos (Lemon, Cool Blue) and water.  Tip: Use finger to rub the gelatos on the canvas until happy with the blending results. To open up areas throughout the canvas, use a baby wipe. The baby wipe use will help lighten intense areas and can create whitewash effect. Let dry.

Step 3: Lay 12 X 12 Coffee Splotch stencil (TCW) on top of canvas, and apply white paint.  I used a brayer for this canvas since I had a large surface to cover, but a sponge would work as well. Let dry. Tip: Randomly apply paint over canvas in areas of interest.  Slip stencil into water or clean with baby wipes.

Step 4: Run photos through 5” Xyron Creative Station and adhere to canvas. Tip: Floral pics are great background additions for your focal pics. I used pics of my summer lilies as a pop of color in between the pics of my girls.  This also a great way to bring in certain environment elements to share fully share the scenic moments of the day captured.

Step 5: Run twine through 1.5” Sticker maker and adhere to canvas above photos.  Use photo as a guide creating a fun whimsical design. Use Teresa Collins Clear Hold Adhesive in areas where your twine points meet and top of loops.

Step 6: Apply white paint to flowers and leaves and adhere to the canvas with Xyron 3/8 adhesive dots. Adhere charms to canvas.

Step 7: Create bows with twine and adhere to canvas. Continue embellishing as desired.

Happy Summer Canvas by Karen Jiles Stencil Supplies Stencil: (TCW458) Coffee Splotch; Flowers, Leaves: Prima; Twine: Advantus; Gelatos: Faber Castell; Adhesive: Xyron; Photos: Epson; Other: Gesso

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