Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Mixed Media Technique: Modeling Paste

H there,

I have had some awesome fun building a little Mixed Media Technique Book for my personal use. I found a 3 ½ X 5 watercolor paper journal as the base for my samples. The journals come in various paper base types, but I chose watercolor pages because of the absorbency and my desire to use many inks and mediums throughout the book. Most know that I have a neat technique rolodex at my desk that I use to house my techniques and samples of inspirations, while this book won’t take its place it is more portable.

My first technique is one that I just started to play with using modeling paste. Modeling paste can be used to build up projects, add texture and depth. It takes awhile to dry, but I love the end result. Take a peek at my sample.

I was able to create a blue undertone by using a stencil that still had some airbrushed copic residue on it. The look was so cool when the sample was dry. The cleanup is a little interesting, but if you keep a plastic container of water close to slip your stencil into, cleanup can be easier.

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CraftySue52 said...

I think it looks great, but then you always do amazing work! I may have to try this technique. Thanks for sharing Karen.

Karen D. Jiles said...

Thanks so much!! You will love the technique