Sunday, December 6, 2009

Sunflowers and Dragonflies Challenge

Today, I created these cards for several purposes. They were perfect for my close stampin buddies in Charlotte, and they meet the requirement for the Sunflower and Dragonflies challenge too. The theme was Christmas. I decided to scale down the 6 X 6 card from yesterday to A2 size for these. I really enjoy fun festive cards like these.

Beth over Sunflowers and Dragonflies also wanted us to share how we celebrated for the Holidays. My family and typically get together to have dinner on Christmas if they are visiting or if we are visiting them. My husband and I are both from South Carolina, so that usually entails some traveling around the Holidays. Whether we are traveling or not, I still cook dinner here at home for my family-all the trimmings...I love the Holidays.


Brenda said...

SO pretty! I love your color choices, Karen.

Beth Norman said...

These are so awesome. I love the big snowflakes.