Sunday, August 23, 2009

My Stampin Palace (Part3)

...Moving to the closet-I store my over flow wheels and ribbon on a 5-tier pant hanger. Chris added a huge utility hook to the wall immediately as you walk in to the right. This hook holds the pant hanger full of wheels and ribbon. The ribbons are added to the last tier with individual loose leaf binding rings. The ribbons add so much wonderful color to the closet. I thank my good friend Patty for helping me sort my ribbons into color groups. It was a huge task, but it pays off each time I start a project, because I know what colors I have, I know when I am running low, I know when I already have plenty, and I learned that my favorite color is green. J

Next to the ribbons is shelving that Chris put in for me. I have 5 long rows of albums, totes, buttons, and idea books along with my Xyron machines. I just love these shelves. I also have photo boxes on the shelves full of useful fun stuff like color washes, mesh, and clay with clay tools. These shelves are so useful.

In the middle of my closet is my SU ink pad organizer from Stampin Things. I purchased one organizer from Sue at Stamping Things and I was hooked. I won another one in a contest that she had and purchased more and more items from her. She has the best organizers for just about anything you need stored. Sue’s products are of excellent quality and worth every dime. The organizers sit on a wine tower that I found locally. The cubbies in the wine tower are perfect for additional storage. I am able to store my sizzlet alphabets in the cubbies perfectly.

The left side of my closet is completely shelved. Each shelf is full of letter tray organizers full of wood mounted stamps by various companies that aren’t SU or CTMH. Each tray is labeled and organized based on theme. This saves so much time when it’s time to find just the right themed stamp. On top of some of the letter tray organizers I have some collapsible boxes that I filled with clear bags, clear boxes, slide boxes, and slide mounts. I also store more art, my sewing machine and rolling totes on this side of the closet.


Brenda said...

Hey Karen, how did you make your ribbon holder? Did you make it yourself or buy one? I would LOVE something like that!

Karen D. Jiles said...

Hi Brenda,

I made the ribbon holder with a 5-tier pant hanger. They usually have rubber on each tier/rod. If you cut the rubber off the rods cab be used for stampin around wheels or ribbon and the last tier can be used for the loose leaf binding rings that holds the ribbons. The pant hanger was about 9.99 several years ago when we found it at the PX in SC. Wally World should have some though. It sure comes in handy and is very pretty with the ribbons hanging on it. I am glad you like it. It is definitely one of the most inexpensive storage finds with a multi use. You gotta love the cheap finds..8:)